Policies and Procedures Handbook of Guidelines for the 2020-2021 Dance Season


This document is fluid; we reserve the right to make changes as situations develop.

DTDC’s policies and protocols are based on information from The World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), and the State of Massachusetts.

Here are our new guidelines:


COVID-19 Safety Procedures:

The following is a detailed list of how Downtown Dance Center promises to follow along with regulations set by the Town of Marlborough, the State of Massachusetts, and the CDC. The following list of procedures is pulled from the State of Massachusetts website. Below is the link to the document pertaining specifically to dance studios and other youth activities:

We will have a follow up on the guidelines on “What to do” if a student or a student’s family member gets sick with COVID-19 as soon as the new State, Local, and CDC guidelines are issued.


Mask/Face Covering Wearing Guidelines:

According to Massachusetts Workplace Safety and Re-Opening Guidelines, the students may take off their masks while engaging in physical activity (dance). However, for the health and safety of everyone at DTDC, we are requiring the wearing of masks or dance veils to be worn at all times. Teachers will structure the classes so that the students never reach full cardio exertion to make breathing effortless in a mask or a dance veil. It is an imperative part of reducing any risks.

  • A mask/face covering must be worn in all common space areas at all times.
  • The dance instructors will be in a mask/face covering while teaching all dance classes.
  • Dance class has been deemed by the State of Massachusetts as a moderate risk for transmission. If for any reason your dancer needs to take a “mask/face covering break,” they will be escorted to use the bathroom for a quick break.
  • Masks will be available for purchase at the studio.
  • Failure to bring or obtain an appropriate face covering will result in your child being denied admittance into class.
  • Should a class size be small enough where more than the required social distancing can occur, the teacher may opt to follow the state’s reopening guidelines and allow students to dance without a face covering. This adjustment to studio policy will be based on the teacher’s recommendation only. It will also only be considered if every student in the class will have a Maskless Class COVID-19 Waiver signed, indicating the child is allowed to dance in that particular class without a face covering. Should any parent be uncomfortable having their child dance without a mask, the entire class will continue to wear face coverings. Student/Parent decisions on this matter will remain confidential.


Dance Studio Policies:

  • The opening or closing of DTDC is at the discretion of the Directors of DTDC and will be based on the recommendations of the WHO, the CDC, the DPH, and the State of Massachusetts.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet between dancers is required outside on DTDC’s ramp.
  • Class times have been scheduled to allow for a 10 minute cleaning process between classes.
  • Students will be allowed into the building RIGHT AT CLASS TIME. There will be NO waiting in the waiting room.
  • Class sizes will fluctuate based on the CDC, State, and DESE guidelines. Proper social distancing will always be observed.
  • Waiting areas, and dressing rooms will be closed. However, parents, with dancers ages 5 and under, may walk small children up to class and wait with masks in chairs spaced 6 feet apart. Space is very limited in the waiting area, so waiting in your car is highly recommended.
  • We will have your cell number as well as immediate access to you in case of an emergency.
  • Dressing rooms will remain closed; please come dressed and ready to dance.
  • Failure to arrive in appropriate dance attire will result in your child being denied admittance into class.
  • Please do not arrive early to eliminate any unnecessary waiting around.
  • Students who take multiple classes will wait in their classroom for the next class to begin.
  • There will be no snow days going forward. When Marlborough schools are closed, DTDC will run classes Virtually at their regularly scheduled time.
  • All walk-in guests must wear a mask and sign into the guest log binder placed on the table in the waiting room.
  • There is NO food allowed in the studio. Water is the only beverage allowed in the studio.
  • For 2020-2021 there will be no in-studio holiday or birthday parties and no in-studio peek weeks.
  • For 2020-2021 we are hopeful, and planning, for a spring recital/showcase. Details to follow.

Inside the Dance Room:

  • Dancers will be able to maintain social distancing while in the studio. The dance studio floors have been marked off with tape. Each student will have a 6-foot space to stand inside and do all of their dancing.
  • No bare feet allowed at any time. When entering the building, there will be an area for your street shoes. It is suggested that you keep your socks on as there are no street shoes allowed in the studios. Dancers must have dance shoes or socks on their feet at all times while in the studio. Failure to bring or obtain appropriate foot coverings will result in your student being denied admittance into class.
  • There will be no use of shared dance props like scarves, hoops, or ballet barres.
  • For any out-of-state travel, student and family member must advise DTDC of travel plans. Upon return, student may only take virtual classes for 14 days.


Lost and Found:

  • We are unable to provide a lost and found bin this year. Clearly mark your child’s shoes, water bottles, etc. and only bring what is necessary for class.
  • Anything left behind will be disposed of. No exceptions!
  • No “Swap Box” We are unable to provide the opportunity to swap out shoes from our shoe bin this year.


Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • Cleaning logs will be kept by a DTDC staff member to ensure consistent cleaning and sanitizing standards are met.
  • All high-touch items will be sanitized between every dance class. This list of items includes (but is not limited to) door handles, the restroom, staircase railings, and the dance floors themselves.
  • The restroom will be cleaned and sanitized after every use-including a bathroom break and/or a face covering break.
  • To ensure we have sufficient cleaning time, we have scheduled time between classes so the rooms can be sanitized before the next class enters.
  • All students and visitors must sanitize their hands upon entry to the studio. There will be hand sanitizer stations on the wall at the entrance of the dance studio and also between the bathroom and office doors.
  • Anti-Bacterial hand soap will be available in the restrooms.
  • All students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the dance rooms.

Per CDC guidelines, all DTDC hand sanitizer is alcohol based containing 60% isopropyl alcohol.


Health Screening:

  • All staff members will be screened, have temperatures taken, and complete a ‘Covid-19 Employee Self-Attestation Form’ at the start of their shift
  • At DTDC’s discretion, students’ temperatures will be taken and ‘Covid-19 Student Self-Attestation’ completed and logged in the ‘Covid-19 Student Self-Attestation Log’ before entering their class.
  • All walk-in guests must wear a mask and sign into the guest log binder placed on the table in the waiting room.
  • At DTDC’s discretion, students who seem symptomatic will be dismissed immediately. A family member will be contacted for immediate pick-up. The dancer will be brought to a “Sick Waiting Area” located in a room off office and isolated while waiting for pick up. The dance studio will be sanitized from top to bottom.
  • Any staff member found ill or with COVID-like symptoms, will be immediately sent home and the dance studio will be sanitized from top to bottom. This procedure will take place before any students enter the facility.
  • If a staff member or student is diagnosed with COVID-19, DTDC will follow the CDC and State recommended protocol:
    • The studio will be closed for a period of 14 days.
    • The studio will undergo a professional deep cleaning.
    • During the 14-day closure all classes will run Virtually.
    • DTDC will notify the local Department of Public Health.
    • DTDC will notify all dance families, while adhering to HIPAA privacy guidelines.
    • DTDC will notify all walk-in guests from the previous two weeks while adhering to HIPAA privacy guidelines.
    • After recovering from a COVID-19 illness, student and family members must present DTDC with a doctor’s note confirming it is safe for them to return.


First Aid Kit

  • Band-aids, etc. are available in the First Aid Kit. Please ask the teacher for assistance.



  • Dancers must have teacher permission before using the bathroom.
  • No changing in the bathroom at any time. Please come dressed and prepared to dance.
  • All dancers MUST wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Bathrooms will be used as the designated mask/face covering break area.


Fall Classes:

  • Classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Online REGISTRATIONS are available at www.dtdancecenter.com.


Virtual Options Available:

  • We realize that some families may have a compromising situation or are not entirely comfortable with the idea of in-person dance classes yet. We’ve got you covered! We will be offering Virtual classes directly from the classes in progress.
  • The studio has equipment that will allow students learning from home to get the most from their experience. We have gone above and beyond to make the virtual experience seemless.
  • All classes have a Live Virtual option. Classes will NOT be recorded and saved.
  • When registering for classes, please specify that you would prefer Virtual classes by emailing us at: downtowndancecenter@gmail.com.


New Tuition Policy:

  • Moving forward, if you choose our monthly payment option, you must have a credit card or checking account on file. Payments will be debited from your credit card or checking account each month (please refer to the tuition policy).


The What-Ifs:

  • When you register for the 2020-2021 Dance Season, you are registering for a September- June Program. We expect your registration at DTDC will continue throughout the Season. if, for any reason, the studio building must close due to a state mandate, we will immediately switch to a Virtual Studio for everyone where possible. Please register for classes with the intent to follow through with whatever extent that classes are held. If, for any reason, you will not be able to fulfill the commitment to the program and must withdraw, you will be required to notify DTDC in writing.



The Directors of Downtown Dance Center

Rev. 08/19/2020