To all our Dance Families:

Welcome to a new dance year at Downtown Dance Center (DTDC). Last season was a year like no other. It was unexpected, unprecedented, and challenging for all. Through it all, we kept dancing. When other things stopped in their tracks, we kept pushing on. We know that you chose DTDC for many reasons, but the trust that you have in us motivates us to keep growing and learning about ways to serve you better. It will always be our priority to live up to the trust that you place in our hands when you decide to allow your most precious gifts to dance with us. We are a dance studio; it is what we are trained to do and what we are good at; teaching dance. However, it’s not only dance, it’s a sense of community for the entire family. It’s reinforcing values of respect, responsibility, and discipline while also having fun and giving each dancer a home away from home.

The safety and health of our dance families and our instructors are of the utmost importance. We also understand that the relationships that have been established in the studio are also very important, and we will continue to foster those relationships the best way that we can while keeping everyone safe and socially distanced. Still, we need your help to do that. Adhering to the rules and policies we have adopted are a required element of registering for the upcoming season. Our procedures may seem extreme for some, and we respect that. However, because we care about each other at DTDC, we want to do EVERYTHING possible to dance together and keep each other healthy, which means being over precautious. Safety first.

We will be following all State, Local, and CDC guidelines and will be implementing all these policies and procedures at the studio. These guidelines may change as things improve or decline in our current climate, and we reserve the right to make fair and reasonable changes where applicable, at any time.

DTDC will be allowed to open in September with occupancy restrictions. Following proper social distancing protocols, some classes may be required to be smaller than in the past. This reduction in class size is a HUGE hit to our program especially, after being closed for such a long time, but we welcome the opportunity to open at all.

We are looking forward to seeing you all,

The Directors of

Downtown Dance Center