Competition Team


Through participation in competitions, we hope to instill in each student a genuine respect and appreciation for dance as an art form. We hope to motivate students by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent and encourage each dancer to do their best every time they perform. For us, competition is an education.

We consider participation in competitions not simply part of our students’ training as dancers; it’s also an important part of how we influence them as people. With the right focus, the experience gained in competition can be an excellent source of self-confidence. If the dancers feel good about the performance and understand that they become better each time they go on stage, they are truly growing through the competition experience.

Hitting the stage and doing the best they can is what it’s all about. Whether they win (or which award they win) is secondary. Most of all, we encourage our dancers and families to have fun!

Accepting new team members for our 2022/2023 season!


Team Requirements:

Students will be required to take 1 ballet class and one elective class of their choice.  They will also be required to take one competition class each week.  In this class, they will work on special skills and learn to work as a team.  This is where they will learn their choreography for their competition dance.


In addition to a team dance, students may choose to learn a trio, duo, or solo routine.  Consideration will be given to the student’s preference on style and instructor, but final decisions will be made by the team directors. Each dancer will need additional rehearsals for specialty routines, and it is strongly recommended that every specialty routine schedules a ½ hour with an instructor at least once a month.

Team Placement:

If you and your child decide that competitive dance is a path you would like to explore, you must attend a studio class for placement. These classes will help to determine which groups your child is placed into.

Contact us to discuss a good class to attend for placement.

Competition/Convention Schedule:

We will be attending 2 mandatory competitions this upcoming season.  There are also several optional competition opportunities.