Downtown Dance Center Payment Plans

Tuition fees are based on an Annual Tuition.

Dance classes are discounted so that as your child dances more, dance class costs less.

**If the state of MA requires us to discontinue in-studio classes due to Covid 19, we will switch to on-line classes and tuition will remain the same. No refunds.


Annual Class Tuition and Schedule: 

Class Tuition is based on an annual fee and can be budgeted into 10 monthly installments from September through June.

Class Schedule is based on an annual schedule which is aligned with the Marlborough Schools. The number of classes in each month may vary based on school holidays and days off due to inclement weather. The monthly installment does not depend on the number of classes held per month.



Payment Schedule
Hours per Week Monthly Fee
1 Hour $65
1 ½ Hours $95
2 Hours $125
2 ½ Hours $155
3 Hours $180
3 ½ Hours $210
4 Hours $230
4 ½ Hours $255
5 Hours $275
5 ½ Hours $295
6 Hours $310
  $35 for each additional hour


One-Time Annual Registration Fee:

25.00 for 1 student; $35.00 family maximum. Registration Fee is due at time of enrollment.


Payment Options:


One Annual Payment:

Pay Tuition in full – 1 payment
Select this method and take advantage of a 5% discount off the Annual Tuition if paid by the first class. There are no refunds, transfers or credits given for early withdrawals.


Bi-Annual Payment Plan:
Pay Tuition in 2 installments
Annual Tuition is divided into two equal payments.

First payment due before the first class. Second payment due January 15th.

Select this method and take advantage of a 5% discount for each payment. Minimum of two classes.

There are no refunds, transfers or credits given for early withdrawals.


Monthly Installment Plan:
Pay Tuition in 10 installments

Monthly installments are based on the Annual Tuition divided into 10 equal payments.

  • All payments are due the first of every month from September through June. Statements are sent to the email address you provided at registration and include a link to the online payment portal.
  • The registration fee and first tuition payment are due upon registration and is not refundable.

Registration will not be complete until the first month’s tuition is paid in full.

  • Any student withdrawing from the studio must provide a 30-day notice in writing and will be charged for those 30 days. Until written notice is received, a student is considered enrolled and tuition must be paid.
  • There is no prorating or discounts given for monthly tuition due to mid-month enrollment or withdrawal. If you enroll mid-month, you are responsible for the full month’s tuition. The days missed can be categorized as an absence in which the dancer is welcome to make up the class at certain times during the season. If you withdraw mid-month then you are still responsible for that month’s tuition, but will no longer be charged after that month is complete.
  • Dancers who take time off within a season for such things as travel, or other activities will still be responsible for tuition for the time that is missed.
  • Any account 60 days in arrears will require payment in full before student is allowed to return to class. If there is an outstanding balance at recital time, the dancer will not receive their costume and will not be allowed to participate in the recital.


All dancers participating in the Spring recital must submit a $60 costume deposit for each dance by December 1st. Remaining balance will be due by January 1st. Costumes are not refundable.


Please note: costumes are ordered based on your dancer’s measurements. We take into consideration growth throughout the year. When costumes arrive, should any adjustments need to be made it is your responsibility to make necessary adjustments (examples might be: hemming pants, adjusting straps, etc.



Preferred method of Payment is through Automatic Payments via credit card information provided to Downtown Dance Center.  Payments can be made online through our website or our payment portal.

We also accept Checks, Money Orders, Cash or Credit Cards.

Checks should be made payable to Downtown Dance Center. Include your child’s full name in the memo.

A late fee of $15.00 per student account will be automatically added to account if payments is not received after a 15-day grace period. Returned checks will be charged a $35.00 fee.