Tuition is based on an annual fee. For example, one hour per week is $600. per year.  See the payment schedule below for a breakdown of hours per week and the monthly fee based on 10 equal payments.  Dance classes are discounted so that as your child dances more, dance class costs less.

Downtown Dance Center Offers 3 Payment Options…
Choose the Option That Works Best for You


Option 1:

Pay Tuition in full for the year – 1 payment: 

Select this method and take a 5% discount, if paid by the first class. No refunds.

Option 2:

Pay Tuition by the Session – 2 payments:

Select this method and take a 5% discount for each Session if paid at the beginning of each session. Minimum of two hours of classes.  Annual fee is divided into two sessions, with two equal payments. Session 1- September 1 – January 15. Session 2- January 16 – June 13.  No refunds.

Option 3:

Pay Tuition by Month – 10 payments:

Downtown Dance Center offers a 10-month payment plan. Tuition is due on the day of the first class, and on the first of each month thereafter through June.  If you choose our monthly payment option, you must have a credit card or checking account on file. Payments will be debited from your credit card or checking account each month after a 5-day grace period.

Once enrolled, students are charged for the full amount of the tuition for the remainder of the Session. No refunds.

Downtown Dance Center accepts Checks, Money Orders, Cash or Credit Cards.

Checks should be made payable to Downtown Dance Center. Include your child’s full name in the memo.

There is a $35 returned check fee, per check, on all returned checks.


Payment Schedule
Hours per Week Monthly Rate
1 Hour $60
1 ½ Hours $90
2 Hours $110
2 ½ Hours $135
3 Hours $155
3 ½ Hours $175
4 Hours $195
4 ½ Hours $215
5 Hours $230
5 ½ Hours $250
6+ Hours $265
$35 for each additional hour


One-Time, Annual Registration Fee: $25.00 for 1 student; $35.00 family maximum. Registration Fee is due at time of enrollment. Please make checks payable to: Downtown Dance Center.


Costume Deposit: A $60. costume deposit is required for each class. Your account will be charged $20 in Oct, Nov, and Dec.  Any remaining fee will be charged in January.